Family Mediation

When partners, married or unmarried, decide to separate it can be painful for them and their children. We encourage our clients to mediate but both parties must agree to it and must be open to a constructive dialogue and some degree of compromise. Contrary to a popular misunderstanding, mediation is not counselling. The process is managed by a trained family mediator. You and your partner will control the content and pace of the negotiations while the mediator will help you to make informed decisions and develop mutually acceptable solutions which can be drafted into a formal agreement. Our mediatiors and Solicitors Birmingham are here to help

It offers the opportunity for you and your partner to reach your own decisions about your children and finances in a calm, stable environment. Mediation is less expensive and often quicker than court proceedings. By improving communication between former partners it can allow parties to take control and start the next stage in their lives, and those of their children, from a positive base.

Mediation Service

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Solicitor or Agency Referral

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- Pros & Cons of Mediation compared to Court Proceedings.

+ Generally quicker, cheaper and less stressful than asking the court to make decisions for you.

+ Keeps you in charge of making decisions, you know your lives better than the court will and therefore plans made in mediation typically work better than those made by the court.

+ Mediation can work with trust and communication these are the ‘glue’ that hold your relationship as separated parents together.

+ You have the flexibility in mediation of taking time to try out arrangements to ensure they will work best for all of you.

+ Courts encourage combat and fracture communication – Not ideal for parents.

+ Confidential process, this gives you the space to consider all kinds of options without the worry of legal consequences.

+ You can consider all kinds of issues both legal and non-legal.

+ Conducted round a table so avoids endless, expensive letters going back and forth which can destroy trust.

- Lengthy and time consuming

- Judges have little time to hear the details of your divorce case, Scheduling dates between courts & litigants cause expensive delays.

- You may only get limited time to tell the court about your case.

- Unpredictable outcomes.

- You may have to make decisions about your own divorce settlement in a split second in a crowded hallway.

- No confidentiality – all court files are public records.

- Soon they will be available online.

- Costly – Each hour your lawyer spends waiting, you pay, even if no progress on your case is made. And it causes a lot of stress and pressure.

- Courts by their adversarial nature encourage combat, which is not conductive to a healthy family life after the legal divorce proceedings are over.

- Family Mediation Fee Schedule

All of our fee’s are outlined in a handy comprehensive table:

MIAM – Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting Free £80.00 plus VAT
(Inclusive total £96.00 per person)
First Joint Mediation Session
(Where one party is eligible for Legal Aid)
Free Free
Joint Mediation Sessions Free £100.00 plus VAT per person per hour
(Inclusive total £180.00 per person per 90 minute session)
Open Financial Summary Free £125.00 plus VAT
(Inclusive total £150.00 per person)
Memorandum of Understanding/Parenting Plan Free £125.00 plus VAT
(Inclusive total £150.00 per person)
Direct Child Consultation Free £125.00 plus VAT per hour
(Inclusive total £150.00)

We only charge for the above and we make no charge for signing forms, letters, telephone calls or emails.

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Can be paid upon attendance at our offices.


Subject to clearance in advance of any meeting or work to be done.

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