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We are a young, innovative firm dealing with all aspects of Family Mediation Services. Mediation is an entirely voluntary process. Whilst whether you actually use mediation as a process to assist you to resolve any differences remains voluntary, being told about mediation is not voluntary for any potential applicant into the Family Court. The Government is strongly encouraging people to learn about mediation to put parents back in charge of decision making and to reduce pressures on the family court system.

Anybody who now wants to start court proceedings in a family matter, either relating to children or finances on divorce is required to attend an introductory meeting – a ‘mediation information and assessment meeting’ (MIAM), which will explain about the process of mediation, and seek to determine whether the case might be suitable for mediation. Solicitors Birmingham are here to help

Greens Family Mediation Services can assist with the following matters:

- The Core Principles of Mediation

Being told about mediation is compulsory for any applicant wishing to go to court for a family matter. Deciding whether to try out mediation is voluntary. Both clients have to want to mediate but either can stop the process at any time. No one can be forced to mediate.

Information shared during mediation is kept confidential, with some limited exceptions. Proposals made during the course of mediation cannot be communicated to anyone else unless and until you decide you want to be bound by them.
Mediators act for both clients equally and openly. Mediators do not judge, give advice, take sides or decide who is right and wrong. They will not have acted for either side prior to mediation. Mediators will ensure that everyone in the room has equal time and space to talk.
Family mediators control the process but recognise parents as the experts in making decisions and seeks to empower them to do so in a constructive and collaborative way. Mediators are not judges or arbitrators and so do not tell people what they are going to do.
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- Understanding Mediation

Compulsory Mediation Meeting

Arrangements for Children

Division of assets and liabilities

Separation Agreements




Parenting Agreements

- What is Family Mediation?

- A way of helping couples who are in the process of divorcing or separating to decide what to do about arrangements for any children, property, assets, and debts.

- It can help everyone in the family develop a new working relationship by working with trust and communication.

- An increasingly popular alternative to using solicitors and courts to make decisions for clients.

- Using lawyers to communicate can be problematic. By speaking directly to each other the aim is allow clients to focus on what is most important to them.

- Family Mediators do not give any legal advice but they can give neutral legal information.

- Gives clients a safe and managed, neutral space to have the conversations they need to have in order to get where they need to get to.

- Here to help

~ Should there be a language barrier, we can provide an interpreter.

~ Our offices can accommodate clients who are mobility impaired.

~ We can also provide shuttle mediation if necessary should the other party not wish to be in the same room.

~ We have individual and separate waiting room facilities.

~ We can stagger the arrival times of clients.

~ We have Solicitors Birmingham here to help you

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